LUNA X – Dive Torch




The 2023-release Apeks Luna X Primary Dive Torch is perfect for communicating underwater or for illuminating wide areas whilst reducing backscatter in murky water with its variable power modes and multiple LED settings.

The light beam can be adjusted from spot, wide or full with three power levels; high, medium or low, pumping out light from 750 to 3300 lumen. Burn times, as below, depend on what setting you use.

Spot 8 degrees.

Flow 80 degrees.

Corrosion-resistant and able to withstand harsh dive environments, the Apeks Luna X Primary Torch is both lightweight, low profile and strong.

Flexible in use, the Apeks Luna-X Torch can be attached to a wing harness, BCD, cylinder or rotated for use on sidemount applications.

What are Apeks Luna X Primary Dive Torch burn times?

Depending on the settings you use, you can get anywhere from 3.5 to 14 hours burn time on the Apeks Luna X Primary Dive Torch. Apeks lists the burn times as follows:

Full 3.5hrs /3300 lumen 6hrs /1800 lumen 14hrs /850 lumen
Wide 5.0hrs /2000 lumen 8hrs /1350 lumen 12hrs /1000 lumen
Spot 6.5hrs /1350 lumen 10hrs /1000 lumen 14hrs /750 lumen

Control Buttons and Changing Settings:

The 2 control buttons of the Apeks Luna X are at back of the light head for ease of use. To turn on the torch all you need to do is double-click either button. The light will come on with the output it was last operated in.

The left hand button will change the output power while the right hand button will change the mode. Switching off is equally easy, by pressing either button for a second. The torch also has a strobe mode that can be activated from off position with a 3 second press of either button.

A safety feature of the Apeks Luna X is the travel lock, activated while the torch is off by pressing either button for a second which will disable the buttons against accidentally switching the torch on. Similar to above, a second press of either button will unlock them. Also worth noting is that the travel lock is automatically disabled if the battery is disconnected and then reconnected.

Apeks Luna X Control Buttons

What does ITM (Intelligent Thermal Management) do?

Patented technology combats loss in efficiency of LEDs at elevated temperatures. The technology maintains optimum output for maximum efficiency.

There is an optimum temperature where the balance between light output and battery burn time peaks, beyond this LEDs become inefficient.

The intelligent circuitry of the the Apeks Luna-X Primary Dive Torch ITM monitors the temperature of the LEDs and adjusts power accordingly to ensure the LEDs remain at there optimum efficiency. The adjustment of the power doesn’t noticeably drop the light output, it only maximises burn time.

The combination of this Intelligent Thermal Management system and the advanced body design of the Luna X increases heat dissipation to ensure that no power is wasted, maximising burn time.

What is the Fuel Gauge Function?

When the Luna X is switched on or after the mode or output is changed, the LED display shows the remaining runtime in hours and minutes for 10 seconds. A bi-colour LED will reflect the percentage of the battery remaining.

In order these would be indicating the battery level as: Green > 100-80%, Green Pulse > 85-70%, Amber > 70-55%, Amber Pulse > 55-40%, Red > 40-25%, Red Pulse > 25-10% and finally Red Flash > 10% to Empty.

Is Apeks Luna X Primary Dive Torch suitable for air travel?

Oh yes! Air travel should be no problem with this unique dive light as the battery size is under the maximum allowed by airlines – and it also meets the requirement to be able to detach the light head for air travel.