No Gravity, Sea Lion Plus




Product information «Sea Lion Plus Extended Sizes»
The Sea Lion undersuits. These are undersuits use Polartec ® materials known worldwide for superior quality and durability. There are 3 different types of undersuits:

Sea Lion Light 200 g/m²
Sea Lion 400 g/m²
Sea Lion Plus 600 g/m²

• Comfortable fitting
• Stretchable in 4 directions
• Breathable
• Windproof
• Waterproof
• Carrying Bag
• Mulitple Sizes including a full range of short and tall sizes
• Unlimited number of washes

Material composition of the Sea Lion
• Polartec® Wind Pro® -External Material in all models. Warmth without weight, perfectly breathable, and four times more windproof than traditional fabrics.
• Polartec® Thermal Pro® – inner layer of insulation in the Sea Lion and Sea Lion Plus. This material allows air pockets to form, maintaining body temperature and provide a sense of comfort and low weight. This material offers excellent breathability and dries very quickly.
• Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft –isolation center in the Sea Lion Plus model. Knitted Polartec ® Thermal Pro ® High Loft provide thermal insulation to a new level !

Water Temperature Recommendation

Sea Lion Light 200g -16°

Sea Lion 400g – 8°

Sea Lion Plus 600g – 0°