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Waterproof – BODY 2X ONE-PIECE

The BODY 2X ONE-PIECE is a dual layer undergarment made specifically for the diver that enjoys the simplicity of a one piece suit. The BODY X ONE-PIECE shares the same characteristics that has made the Body X range so popular, light-weight, hollow fiber insulation and excellent moisture wicking properties.
To achieve high thermal insulation without increasing weight, BODY 2X ONE PIECE is made of a hollow fiber polyester. Inspired by the structure of the fur of polar bears living under extreme environmental conditions.
It insulates far better than a regular fiber because it is hollow and filled with air.
It’s all about keeping warm and dry. The technically advanced fabric in the

BODY 2X ONE PIECE has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It is designed to pull moisture away from the skin by capillary action and out to the exterior of the fabric where it easily evaporates. The combination of hollow fiber insulation and the excellent wicking properties creates an extremely warm and comfortable undergarment.

DUAL LAYER POWER STRETCH HOLLOW FIBER INSULATION – Lightweight, high thermal insulation and excellent moisture wicking properties.

ANATOMICAL SCULPTING – Arms, legs and torso have been anatomically designed to enhance manoeuvrability.


LOWER LEGS. – Less volume and bulk when donning a dry-suit.

FOUR-WAY STRETCH – Ensures a comfortable fit.

ZIPPERED CHEST POCKET – A discrete zippered pocket for car keys, wallets and other essentials.

LOW PROFILE FLEECE NECK – Less volume when used under a dry-suit.

SNUG-FITTING LOWER LEG – Less bulk around the lower legs makes it easier to don and doff your dry-suit.

FRONT ZIPPER – YKK no.5 coil-zipper.

ZIPPER PULLER – A newly designed zipper puller with a secure grip, with or without gloves.

A LONGER TWO-WAY ZIPPER – The male version is equipped with a longer two-way zipper for easier access.

PREPARED FOR PEE VALVE – Preinstalled outlets for p-valve hose on both sides.

HEATING SYSTEMS – Preinstalled outlet for heating systems.
GUSSETED CROTCH AND ARMPITS – Gusseted crotch and armpits elevate freedom of movement.

THUMB LOOPS AND FOOT STRAPS – To keep the sleeves and legs in place when donning and doffing.

HIGHY PILL-RESISTANT – Anti Pilling ASTM D 3512. Grade 4.5
WEIGHT: 665g/m²




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