ARMYTEK VIKING PRO XHP50 – 2140 Lumen Inkl. Battery and charger



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  • The newest Cree XHP50 LED and especially designed reflector give powerful wide light
  • Comfortable light 10°:80° for efficient hunting with shotguns
  • Active real-time temperature control without timers: after cooling-down the brightness increases again
  • Constant brightness even in -25°C frost and with almost discharged batteries
  • Advanced mode control with Hunting and Tactical settings
  • The highest IP68 dust- and waterproof standard – more than 5 hours at 25 meters depth
  • Reliable body, red/green/blue filters and original remote switches for comfortable Hunting and secure Military application
  • Guaranteed durability – stands up the recoil of any gun gauge and falling from 30 meters height
  • Record runtime with 1×18650 Li-Ion battery in Firefly mode – 200 days
  • Size

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