Jakkevest PRO HD Svart/Rosa, Dame


Pro HD Woman

Strong. Sleek. Secure. The Pearl is a wrap-around, jacket-style BCD
designed to fit the female diver. With its adjustable waistband and specially
curved shoulder straps, you can customize it for a perfect fit. Plus, its lower
profile lobes and shorter torso length help it rest comfortably on the hips.

Technical Features
HYBRID JACKET ADV-STYLE jacket combined with back inflation unit gives you the best of both worlds: a streamlined profile during your dive and the ability to float comfortably at the surface.

PATENTED SURELOCK II WEIGHT SYSTEM Single-pull weight release with patented SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System

OCTO POCKETS Two octo-pocket locations for versatility: right lobe and top of front lobe.

Gear Up! Multiple pockets, D-rings, and knife attachment points make stowing and accessing gear easy..

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